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Pre-Professional programs of study within the Department of Natural Science at NWOSU consist of pre-requisite coursework for professional programs offered at other institutions.  Students work with their advisors to select the most appropriate coursework for their academic goals.

For example:

  • Pre-Engineering students typically complete general education, mathematics and physics coursework in two years at NWOSU and continue their education at an ABET accredited engineering program at another institution. 
    • While not required of engineering programs, NWOSU also has available upper-level elective coursework to build upon introductory pre-requisite coursework (i.e. Science Fair Judging and C-STEM Investigations) 
  • Pre-Medicine students generally complete four years of study at NWOSU, earning a BS in biology (often with a chemistry minor) and continue their education at medical school immediately after graduation.
    • A Pre-Health Advisory Committee exists to assist students in this process, proving the opportunity for students to complete a professional interview which ultimately leads to a committee letter submitted to schools of the student's choice.

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