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NWOSU's Pre-Professional Programs of Study

The Department of Natural Science at Northwestern Oklahoma State University offers much of the required preparatory coursework for future professionals pursuing careers in:

Each student within the sciences works closely with an advisor to schedule classes to best prepare for his or her career goals.  Because NWOSU's Department of Science is of modest size and student to teacher ratios low, every student becomes well acquainted with each of their professors and enjoys a comfortable, invigorating and supportive atmosphere.

The Pre-Health Advisory Committee

Comprised of dedicated faculty from the department, the Pre-Health Advisory Committee is committed to fulfilling the following duties to help prepare students in the admission process:

  1. Provide information and offer counsel to candidates to strengthen their application packages
  2. Conduct professional interviews as candidates near completion of their degree
  3. Submit committee letters of recommendation on behalf of qualified pre-professional students
  4. Remain available as a resource for candidates beyond graduation at NWOSU

Current members of the Pre-Health Advisory Committee include

  • Steven J. Maier, PhD
  • Cynthia Pfeifer-Hill, PhD
  • Cornelia Mihai, PhD

Ideally, each committee member will know all candidates through advising and/or coursework.  In the event that two or more committee members are not familiar with the candidate, then other members of the science faculty may serve as alternate members of the Pre-Health Advisory Committee for the interview process.  Alternate committee members will be directly involved in writing the final letter of recommendation.