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Prerequisites and Requirements

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Northwestern Oklahoma State University offers pre-engineering as a pre-professional program of study.  This preparatory program is especially attractive for students wishing to pursue engineering and

  1. would like to save on expenses earning prerequisite credit, or
  2. are seeking a smaller campus experience before studying engineering at a larger institution.  Northwestern is proud of its small campus feel, its friendly atmosphere, and its qualified faculty; making it the school of choice for many students wishing to prepare for a diverse array of fields.

At least two years of approved academic work is the minimum requirement for entrance to engineering schools.  The course requirements of engineering schools vary, as does the required cumulative college grade-point average of applicants.  Although pre-engineering students at NWOSU have advisors to assist with their program of study, it is ultimately the responsibility of each student to be aware of the specific requirements (prerequisite courses and grade-point average) of the institution he or she intends to apply.

Prerequisites and Requirements

The pre-engineering program at NWOSU is designed to be a two-year preparatory program for advanced study at other engineering schools.  Based on the academic background and need of a particular student, more than two years of preparatory study may be required.  Advisors at NWOSU try to maintain a balance between enrolling students in required pre-engineering coursework in addition to general education requirements common to NWOSU and other engineering schools.  This way, students will be prepared if they move on to engineering school or if they decide to remain and earn their four-year degree at NWOSU.  Typical "staple" coursework for pre-engineering students at NWOSU includes the courses listed in the table below.

MATH 1513* College Algebra Advanced standing tests are available for MATH 1513 and MATH 1613
MATH 1613 College Trigonometry  
MATH 2215 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I  
MATH 2315 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II  
MATH 3323 Multivariable Calculus  
PHYS 2114 Physics I MATH 2215 is a prerequisite for PHYS 2114 and 2214.**
PHYS 2214 Physics II PHYS 2114 is a prerequisite for PHYS 2214

*Students with ACT scores less than 19 must take content area placement exams for enrollment purposes at NWOSU.  Based on the results of the mathematics placement exam, students may be required to take Pre-Intermediate Algebra (MATH 0013) or Intermediate Algebra (MATH 0123) prior to enrolling in College Algebra. 

**Under special circumstances, students may be approved to take MATH 2215 concurrently with PHYS 2114 as a corequisite instead of as a prerequisite.

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Opportunities for Involvement

NWOSU offers its students an environment that is rich with opportunities for academic and personal growth.  This extends to NWOSU's science and pre-engineering students as well.

Each fall, high school and middle school teams compete in the Heartland BEST robotics competition.  This annual event requires significant planning in the fall and spring; raising public awareness, refurbishing/testing equipment, and building a demonstration robot are only a few of the ways pre-engineering students can get involved.  Each spring, NWOSU offers Science Fair Judging as a service learning course in the sciences.  In this course, NWOSU students judge local science and engineering fair projects.  Numerous other activities are planned and sponsored by student campus organizations.  A few organizations pre-engineering students might be interested include SPS (Society of Physics Students), Biology Club, Chem Club, Math Club, and the Computer Science Club.

The science faculty encourage all students to explore ways to get involved in campus and community activities to broaden their experiences.  And, as one can see, finding ways to get involved in science and engineering related activities that goes beyond the usual class work is as easy as it is rewarding!

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For answers to any questions you might have regarding this pre-professional program at NWOSU, please contact

Dr. Steven J. Maier ( )
(580) 327 - 8562