J.R. Holder Wellness Center Policies

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Operational Policies and Regulations

1. Use of the Wellness Center is a privilege. Failure to comply with policies and regulations may result in revocation of the privilege.

2. Each person must present a properly validated Northwestern ID or membership ID for admittance. No exceptions will be allowed.

3. Each person will enter and exit the Wellness Center through the main entrance on the north side. Other entrances will only used in emergencies.

4. The director and his staff will have administrative responsibility for the operation of the Wellness Center. Any person who abuses such personnel, through language or conduct, will be subject to disciplinary action.

5. Only those activities approved by the director will be permitted in the Wellness Center. This includes requests for special use of the facility by any group.

6. Signs, posters or decorations displayed in the Wellness Center must be approved by the director.

7. The Wellness Center is a tobacco-free facility. Smoking or any other use of tobacco is prohibited.

8. Food and drink are allowed only in designated areas.

9. Proper attire, including athletic shoes and sleeved T-shirts, must be worn in every area of the Wellness Center, except for the swimming pool and locker rooms. No denim or clothing with rivets is allowed.

10. Clean-soled gym shoes must be worn when using the racquetball courts, track, training areas and aerobic floor. Members should have additional shoes designated only for Wellness Center use.

11. Radios, tape or compact disc players, or similar devices may be used only with individual headphones.

12. Littering is prohibited.

13. No pets, bicycles, Frisbees or skateboards are allowed in the Wellness Center. Facilities will be used only for the activities for which they are designated.

14. All personal property and belongings must be properly stored while using the Wellness Center. Backpacks, clothing or similar items should not be left unattended as they interfere with the proper use of the facility and are easily taken by others. Northwestern assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen property.

15. The safety of Wellness Center patrons is the first concern of Northwestern and the Wellness Center staff. Some of the activities of the Wellness Center are inherently dangerous and participation in them may result in bodily injury and even death. Patrons must acknowledge these dangers and risks and knowingly assume them when applying for use of the Wellness Center.

16. Individuals are not allowed to solicit nutritional supplements, personal training or network marketing products or services in the Wellness Center.

17. The preceding operational policies are general in nature. Specific rules may be developed by Wellness Center staff as deemed appropriate.