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Slide Shows prepared for Finale of Picture My Weekend Workshop

Several workshop participants took part in going out into the Alva community for their workshop assignment to take photos to share in a slide show that was presented as one of the final portions of the Picture My Weekend Workshop.

2009 Picture My Weekend Slide Show

The 2009 participants were given an assignment to take a photo of a "door." The definition of "door" was left up to their own interpretation. The photos of the doors start out the slide show. Then, each participant was asked to take two other photos of their own choosing. Those photos by each participant can be seen following the doors segment. We hope you enjoy what our participants saw through the viewfinders of their cameras as they visited various locations in Alva. 

Check out the snapshots taken during the Photography Show/Reception and Workshop

2010 Picture My Weekend Slide Show

The 2010 workshop participants were asked to take a photo of something "close-up or macro," as well as taking a photo of the object further away so people could tell what it was. They also provided other photos for the show. Below is the 2010 Slide Show.

2011 Picture My Weekend Slide Show

The 2011 workshop participants' assignment was "Ordinary to Extraordinary through Color." They were asked to take a photo where the focal point was one particular color. These colors included red, blue, yellow, green, orange or purple. Below is the 2011 Slide Show.


2012 Picture My Weekend Slide Show

Participants set out on their annual photo assignment to photograph items for the the theme, "Welcome to Alva." The photographic assignment was to creatively showcase Alva.  Those not living in Alva see the community differently than those who are here on a daily basis, so the images were going to be interesting to see. Anywhere in Alva and outlying area was the participants' target area. One photo from among those submitted to this slide show was chosen for Alva's 2013 Chamber of Commerce Directory cover. And several others are being used by the Chamber for its website.

 2013 Picture My Weekend Slide Show

This year's annual photo assignment sent participants on a Photo Scavenger Hunt in the Alva area. Participants had more than 100 items on their list. They weren't expected to get photos of everything on their list... the intent was to be as creative with the photos they were able to take. This video shows a sampling of the photos taken during an approximate two hour span on Saturday, July 27. A photography show took place on Friday, July 26. More info on the event is a   Members of the NWOSU Creativity Project's PMW Committee plan this event each year.