'Picture My Weekend' schedule has been announced

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'Picture My Weekend' schedule has been announced

July 14, 2011 

Photography enthusiasts can look forward to choosing from nearly 15 different session topics during this year’s “Picture My Weekend” – a free photography show and workshop planned for July 29-30 in Alva’s Downtown Square at the Runnymede.

Free registration for “Picture My Weekend” is open until July 26, with late entries incurring a $20 late fee.

“Picture My Weekend” committee members have been collaborating to put together this free event. With new ideas brought to the table this year, those who register prior to the July 26 deadline can participate in Friday night’s sessions, which include “Basic Camera/Photography” from 8-8:55 p.m., led by Becky McCray; “Lightning and Storm Photography” from 9-10 p.m., led by Mark Nault; and “Basic Photo Editing/Workflow" from 8-10 p.m., by Brody Schmidt.

“Basic Camera/Photography” is designed for those new to photography, those with some experience, but with new cameras or those with specific questions about the functions of their cameras.

“Lightning and Storm Photography” will include tips and techniques to use during dramatic shooting opportunities, including specific safety tips.

Schmidt’s session, “Basic Photo Editing/Workflow,” will include the use of Photomechanic for downloading, viewing and sorting images quickly. This session also focuses on what a photo workflow is, and why every photographer should have one (or more).

A list of session topics and presenters for Saturday workshops include: “Basic Camera/Photography”, McCray; “Ordinary to Extraordinary: Developing an Artistic Eye,” Warren Little; “Near and Far: Macro to Landscape,” Kim Baker.

After the first series of sessions have ended, participants are encouraged to take part in the “Scavenger Hunt” assignment to shoot three photos that will be used in the slide show that caps the workshop.

Afternoon session topics and presenters for Saturday workshops include: “Finding the Light: Natural Light Photography,” Kayte Anton; “Ordinary to Extraordinary (Portraits, Landscapes and more),” Cody Dopps; “Photo Editing Using Online Editors,” Rod Murrow; “Off-Camera Lighting and Its Many Uses,” Dopps; “Sports Photography and More,” Schmidt; and “Landscapes and Farmscapes in the Panoramic Format,” Nault.

Final session topics and presenters include: “Composition and Storytelling,” Ken Kelsey and Brandice Guerra; “From Snapshots to Portraits: How Posing Makes the Difference,” Anton; and “So You Want To Be a Freelance Photographer,” Baker, Nault and Schmidt.

To end the day, all in attendance will come together for a question and answer period followed by a slide show of the photographs taken from the “Scavenger Hunt” earlier that day. “People’s Choice” and the “Top Photos of Picture My Weekend” also will be recognized during this time.

The public is invited to attend the free photography show on Friday, July 29, from 7-9 p.m. All other “Picture My Weekend” events require pre-registration.

For those interested in attending “Picture My Weekend,” register online at www.nwosu.edu/picture-my-weekend. To see more descriptions of the sessions and biographies of the presenters, visit the “Picture My Weekend” website.