Public welcome to attend 'Picture My Weekend' July 31-Aug.1; Workshop registration closes July 24

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Public welcome to attend 'Picture My Weekend' July 31-Aug.1; Workshop registration closes July 24

July 9, 2009

Anyone interested in photography is in for a treat Friday, July 31, and Saturday, Aug. 1, when the Northwestern Creativity Project plays host to its second event in Alva – a free photography show and workshop at the Runnymede Hotel.

picture my weekend 

The photography show will be Friday, July 31, from 7 to 9 p.m., with a reception for the general public, as well as photographers. Refreshments will be served, and the Max Ridgway Jazz Trio will provide entertainment.

Photographs available for public viewing will come from participants registered for Saturday’s digital photography workshop. Those wishing to take part in the workshop are not required to bring photos for the show; however, participants are welcome to bring up to five matted or framed items if they wish.

Participants are encouraged to deliver their photographs for the show to the Runnymede on Friday, July 31, from 3-5 p.m. Photos, ready to be hung, must be delivered no later than 5 p.m. Friday to be ready for the evening’s public reception.

Registration for Saturday’s workshop is open through noon Friday, July 24, so anyone looking to improve their photography skills, or share their knowledge with others, is urged to register soon. All digital photography skill levels and digital camera types are welcome.

The workshop is planned to be informal for comfortable learning. Participants will select sessions of interest to attend. Topics will include Introduction to Real-Life Photography, Basics of off-camera lighting, The Very Basics, Composition and more to help everyone try various ways to improve their photographic skills.

Children 13 and older are encouraged to sign up for Teen Photography.

Anyone planning to participate is asked to pre-register by filling out the form located on the workshop’s web site at Also, the committee is actively seeking seasoned photographers who are interested in sharing their photography knowledge with others.

For additional information, to register and/or to volunteer to help facilitate the roundtable discussions, please contact Dr. Rod Murrow, associate dean of graduate studies, at (580) 327-8589 or Additional information can be found at