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NWOSU Creativity Project Photowalk Info

Saturday, Oct. 2, 2010
10 a.m. to Noon - Photowalk portion
Meet at Greenspace, northwest corner of NWOSU-Alva campus (Corner of 8th Street & Oklahoma Blvd.)
Parking Available there
Map of Campus
Noon - Download photos from morning in Student Center Ranger Room
(If download area is really busy, go grab lunch, bring it back and try it again.)
After downloading, participants can go grab a bite to eat and bring it back to eat in the Ranger Room.
Informal discussion among participants is encouraged while eating and waiting for photo presentation.
About 1 p.m. - Photo presentation and informal discussion, Student Center Ranger Room
During presentation, participants are encouraged to ask for it to be stopped so particular photos can be discussed.

FYI: If your camera does not have a "card," and only a cord for downloading, you will need to bring your cord.

Early registration is encouraged - See Form Below

More In-Depth Info on Photowalk

Participants at the Third Annual "Picture My Weekend" event in July indicated an interest in having a "Photowalk," so we're kicking off an event on the campus of Northwestern Oklahoma State University on Saturday, Oct. 2, 2010. A registration form is located below. We are encouraging early registration to see who all might be interested. The event is free to everyone, but we do ask that children be accompanied by their parent or guardian. If you do not know until Oct. 2 if you can make it, please feel free to join us without prior registration.

We will gather at 10 a.m. at the Greenspace on the northwest corner of the campus with digital cameras in hand. Parking is available at this location. The "walk" itself will last until about noon.

A Photowalk is fairly informal and allows participants to learn from their peers about camera settings and how to see items to photograph in a different way.

The location of this Photowalk includes the entire square area of the Northwestern-Alva campus. Participants may "walk" around the campus in groups or individually and take photos of plant life, architecture, textures, landscapes, closeups, etc. While walking in groups, participants will be able to share information about camera settings with each other, make suggestions for camera angles, explain why they took a photo in a particular way, and more.

At noon, all participants are asked to meet in the Student Center Ranger Room. Participants will pick out a few photos they do not mind to share and will download them for use in a powerpoint presentation. These photos will become the property of the Creativity Project to use for public display, whether in the powerpoint presentation, video on YouTube or printed for wall art or in various publications or websites.

The idea for each Photowalk is for our participants to voluntarily provide some of their photos to whatever group is playing host to the walk. A permission form will need to be signed prior to downloading photos for the powerpoint.

Participants also are asked to email any original digital photo files they would like to make available for use by NWOSU, to All photos submitted, also will be available for viewing in a Shutterfly photo gallery. A link to the photos will be emailed to each Photowalk participant.

After each participant has had time to download to a jump drive or email to the above address, they are free to grab a bite for lunch and return to eat their lunch in the Student Center Ranger Room and visit with others about the photos they took during the morning walk. This will allow enough time for the photo presentation to be prepared for showing. Unlike the "Picture My Weekend" presentation at the end of the workshop, if participants want to stop and discuss any photo during the presentation, just say so! We're here to learn and have fun!

If you would like to bring your own laptop, jump drives, card readers to download your own photos to email or save to your jump drives, we'd love to have your help.