Phil Prigmore selected as parade marshal for Homecoming

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Phil Prigmore selected as parade marshal for Homecoming

October 14, 2009

 Phil Prigmore
Phil Prigmore has been selected as parade marshal for Northwestern’s Homecoming celebration, “A Century of Ranger Pride.”
One of Northwestern Oklahoma State University’s most loyal fans, Phil Prigmore, has been selected as the 2009 Homecoming parade marshal. This year’s theme is “A Century of Ranger Pride.”

He will lead the Homecoming parade at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 24.

Prigmore, who is 89, grew up in Alva and participated in various sports at Alva High School. In fact, while playing football at AHS, he made all-state two years.

“Alva has always been home,” Prigmore said.

However, his love for Northwestern began when he was a small child playing on the campus grounds near the Science Hall (present day Fine Arts Building). He remembers playing football one day when he fell and scraped his face, and his nose began to bleed. At that moment, the university president’s wife, Mrs. Parker, came out to help Prigmore. She took him inside her home and cleaned him up.

He said he couldn’t believe the president’s wife helped him because it was a rare occasion to meet such an important person. This incident eventually led to making a friend, the president’s son.

Since that time, as a small child, Prigmore has held Northwestern close to his heart.

“Northwestern has been my life,” Prigmore said.

2009 Parade Marshal
As parade marshal, Phil Prigmore will ride in the parade on Saturday, Oct. 24, at 10 a.m. There also will be a reception that morning for Prigmore at 9 a.m., at the Alumni booth on the north side of the square.  

He took classes at Northwestern in 1936, then was shipped off to World War II. Upon returning from the war, he played football for Northwestern, but later returned to war in Korea.

Prigmore said there were many people from Northwestern who were shipped off to war and many were athletes.

After serving his time in the Army and retiring as a captain, he and his wife Bonnie ran the Alva Office Supply store.

“Bonnie thought the same about Northwestern,” Prigmore said. “We were proud to do anything for Northwestern.”

The couple employed many Northwestern students during the 14 years they were in business. These students were able to charge supplies at the store. Prigmore was proud to report that all of his student-employees from Northwestern paid their bills at the store.

“I can’t say anything bad about Northwestern people,” Prigmore said. “I never had a student run out on a bill or anything.”

Prigmore is proud to be a Ranger. When asked how he felt to be selected as this year’s parade marshal, he said he was “shocked.”

He has kept in touch with many former student-employees, student-athletes and even some Hall of Fame inductees. He even mentioned that many return to Alva and visit him. Prigmore said he has helped recruit student-athletes as well.

As Prigmore relives his time at Northwestern, he remembers being recognized with the National Championship football team and receiving a ring with the players, a ring he still wears today.

“As you can see, my life is slanted toward athletics,” Prigmore said. “To me, there aren’t many people who have left Northwestern and not turned out to be great citizens.”

As parade marshal, he hopes that his friends, family and the community see him as a good citizen.