Payment Options
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Wiring Money

The information below should only be used for paying Northwestern-related charges and is not for personal use.


Northwestern's bank is on line with the Federal Reserve. Please use the following information to wire the money:

Wire To:

The Banker's Bank

9020 N May Avenue

Suite 200

Oklahoma City, OK, USA 73120

Swift code # BBOK US44

Payable Through:

Bank of New York

Routing # 021000018

Swift code # IRVT US 3N

For Credit To:

Alva State Bank and Trust Co.

518 College Boulevard

Alva, OK, USA 73717

Account # 103101275


Further Credit To:

Customer's Name: Northwestern Oklahoma State University Account #3603

Student's Name (please print)

If you need further information concerning wiring money to us, please feel free to call Fawn Kingcade, Bursar, in the Business Office (580) 327-8533. 


Pay by Check or Money Order

In order to pay by check or money order, please mail the payment to:

Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Business Office

709 Oklahoma Boulevard

Alva, OK, USA 73717

Please make sure that the Student ID (if applicable) or full name of the student that the payment should be applied to is printed clearly in the memo. 

Pay by Credit Card

Northwestern is able to accept Credit Card payments for Application fee, Room Deposit, and Graduation Fees. In order to pay by Credit Card, please contact the business office at 580-327-8536 or 580-327-8534.  You will need to provide the Student ID number of the student that the payment is applied to, if applicable.  If a Student ID has not yet been assigned, please spell the first and last name of the student to ensure that the payment is applied to the correct student.