Past Health & Safety Projects

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Past Health & Safety Projects

The following are some of the projects that have been going on around the Northwestern Oklahoma State University Campus in the past year. Some of them you may have noticed, others you may not, but this is an attempt to explain some of the dust around here.

Smoke Alarms in the dormitories. As many will have noticed, we installed temporary, 9 volt smoke alarms in all the dormitory rooms on our campus. This was a temporary measure to insure the safety of our students. Since then, our electricians have been installing permanent, 110 volt smoke alarms with 9 volt battery backups, to replace the temporary smoke alarms. In order to comply with NFPA 101 Life Safety Codes, these are being wired so that detection of smoke in one room in a suite area will sound an alarm in all rooms in the suite.

Sprinkler Testing. Earlier this semester, I attended a school to learn how to test our fire protection sprinkler systems. Since then I have been inspecting them monthly and testing them quarterly. This will insure continued fire protection in those areas served by fire protection sprinklers. I post signs on the doors of the buildings where testing will be conducted so that students and faculty won't be alarmed by the alarms that are triggered. By doing this testing ourselves, we are saving the University over $1,200 each year.

Portable Fire Extinguishers. In June, 1998, the Health and Safety Office took over the inspection, testing, and maintenance of all the portable fire extinguishers on campus. This is saving our university a substantial amount of money every year, and allows us to immediately refill and recharge extinguishers in the event that any extinguishers are discharged. We had two small fires in our dormitories last year, and both were quickly extinguished by students using recently maintained fire extinguishers.