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Parents & Family Resources

The decision to attend college is often a family decision. Whether you are supporting your son or daughter financially or helping them navigate their college education by offering advice from a distance, you are a crucial part of your child’s success.

Studies show that students whose parents are actively involved in their children’s education – even in college – do better academically. We want to be your partner. While we will work with your child directly in most situations, we are available to answer your questions.

Feel free to contact us at 580-327-8546 or if you have questions about Northwestern.

Advice for Parents
For some students, going to college may be the first time they have been away from home for any extended amount of time. You and your child may face various challenges through this transition as they get their first taste of independence. You both may experience the need to “let go,” possibly with a combination of excitement, discomfort, confusion and fear. But, that does not mean the end to a parent-child relationship. That relationship is changing just like your child.

Some students will adjust well to college life and others may have feelings of homesickness, so we ask you to encourage your child to get involved on campus so they can meet new friends who also may be experiencing the same feelings.

Young adults often call parents when they are “down” and call friends when they are “up.” Therefore, parents may receive a skewed view of the psychological well-being of their child.

And, don’t be alarmed if your child ends up changing their major three or four times during their college career. As they experience new ideas and new ways of thinking, their goals for the future can change. Just because they’ve talked about becoming a doctor, teacher or lawyer since they were 15, doesn’t mean it will happen.

Northwestern’s faculty, staff and students can be valuable support systems to your child as well, and if times really get rough, your child can visit with our Director of Student Life and Counseling.

And never hurts to send a care package from home!

U.S. News ranks Northwestern as Oklahoma's top-rated regional university

August 17, 2010

Northwestern Oklahoma State University continues to receive national recognition from U.S. News and World Report in its America’s Best Colleges 2011 rankings.

For the fourth consecutive year, Northwestern is the highest ranked public regional university in Oklahoma. The magazine listed Northwestern as the 23rd rated regional college in the western United States.

The west region encompasses 13 states including Texas and California. The United States Air Force Academy was the top-ranked school in the region.

Only one other Oklahoma regional institution received a numerical ranking in either the regional university or regional college category. All others were placed together as second tier institutions.

U.S. News also listed Northwestern as the top-ranked regional college in the western United States in terms of lowest debt load of graduating students. Only 49 percent of Northwestern students graduated with debt, averaging $9,381 per student. The percentage of students graduating with debt has dropped seven percentage points in three years. The dollar amount of average debt dropped $2,160 from last year.

The low amount of student debt also placed Northwestern second nationally in the regional college category. Only the federally-subsidized U.S. Merchant Marine Academy was lower.

“Our institutional ranking represents a dedicated effort from our faculty and staff to serve our students,” said Dr. Janet Cunningham, university president. “The fact that we are a national leader in low student debt is especially pleasing to me. The support we receive from our alumni and community has allowed Northwestern to become an outstanding college value.”

The annual rankings use data in several categories including graduation rates, retention rates, ACT/SAT scores, class size and student/faculty ratio. The rankings also rely heavily on peer assessment, or the opinion of other schools about Northwestern.

Let us help you

If you're worried about finances for your child's education, let us help put your mind at ease by making a college degree more affordable than you might think. Please visit our Costs and Financial Assistance  pages to learn more about a quality and affordable education at Northwestern and possible scholarships for which your child should apply. If we can help you figure out the details, just let us know by contacting us at 580-327-8546 or

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Family Day

Family Day is an annual event where Northwestern students have the opportunity to show their families around campus.  Families will be able to visit classrooms and tour other university facilities.
Ranger Preview
It’s a day designed just for you and your parents! It’s an opportunity for you to get to know the university, tour campus, meet with faculty and student organizations, and get your questions answered first-hand. Plus, you will receive a $600 scholarship just for attending.  Every high school senior is eligible to attend Ranger Preview

Benefits of attending Ranger Preview:
  • Get a $600 scholarship to Northwestern! 
  • Meet faculty, staff and student organizations.
  • Meet with administrators and get an inside look at the campus.
  • Talk about college life with current students.
  • Free admission to Northwestern home football game.
  • Free Northwestern T-shirt.
  • Free lunch.

Freshman Connection
Freshman Connection is a day designed for the high school senior who knows s/he is planning to attend Northwestern in the fall. This day is the first day for incoming freshman to enroll in classes. This day is very important because it allows you to meet advisors, see the campus, plus gives you the best opportunity to set up a schedule that is best for you. Your parents are welcome to tag along because we have a special time devoted to the parents as well. It is very important that you make it to Freshman Connection so you can get the best classes at the best times.