Parents asked to keep children safe during parade

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Parents asked to keep children safe during parade

September 20, 2010

A parade can provide enjoyment and lifelong memories for children. To make sure this happens, the Northwestern-Alva Homecoming Committee is encouraging parents to help make the parade safe for children.

“We had a couple of instances at last year’s parade where we felt children were in danger because they had wandered too close to the street and were actually in the parade route,” said Steve Valencia, committee chair. “The last thing we want to see is a child injured at the parade.”

Valencia said the Homecoming Committee will be working with the Alva Police Department to keep children a safe distance from the parade route.

“We’re asking parents to keep children in the parking area on the side of the street, and not in the street,” said Valencia. “With horses, cars, tractors and other motorized vehicles in the parade, children need to stay back a safe distance.”

Valencia said candy thrown on the parade route draws children into the street. He said groups that throw candy in the parade should use walkers that can distribute candy into the parking areas or make sure that any thrown candy reaches the parking area.

“We want children to have a great time on Saturday, but we also want them to be safe,” he said.