Miss Northwestern Pageant History

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Pageant History


The Miss Northwestern Pageant provides a personal and professional opportunity for NorthwesternOklahoma State University young women to promote their voice in culture, politics, and the community. The pageant empowers young women to achieve their personal and professional goals, and provides a forum in which to express their opinions, talents, and intelligence.

Who is Miss Northwestern?

The Miss Northwestern Pageant attracts the most intelligent, highly motivated, and community-oriented young women Northwestern Oklahoma State University has as students. All young women meeting the age and other requirements are eligible to compete from all three of Northwestern's campuses.

Source of Scholarship Funds

The Pageant was revived in 2001 from an 18-year absence through the cooperative effort of the Presidential Partners program, Northwestern Oklahoma State University and community involvement. Tuition scholarship awards are funded through the Northwestern Foundation. Cash scholarship awards are funded through the Presidential Partners Program and community involvement at Northwestern Oklahoma State University

For More Information

For more information concerning the Miss Northwestern Pageant or if you wish to schedule an appearance by Miss Northwestern contact Chesnei Thomas, Executive Director