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Overview of Faculty Evaluation @ NWOSU



  • Tenured faculty will be evaluated every three years in conjunction with tenure review.  The Academic Vice-President will notify tenured faculty when they are scheduled for review.   

  • Non-Tenured faculty will be evaluated every fall semester and the evaluation should focus on the previous academic year.  Faculty to be considered for initial tenure should submit a portfolio based on all years at NWOSU.  First-year faculty are exempt from submitting a portfolio, but will have student evaluations done in the fall and should begin developing a portfolio.   

  • Faculty are required to use the  ALCA system for their faculty portfolio.  Reviewing and scoring of the portfolios will be done using ALCA.

  •  Faculty will be evaluated in 5 areas:   (weights are determined by the faculty member, must total 100%) 

1)      Teaching/Instruction   (40-75%)

2)      Professional Development   (5-25%) 

3)      Scholarly Activity   (5-25%)    

4)      Institutional Involvement   (5-25%) 

5)      Community Service   (5-15%) 


  • Faculty will be evaluated using three sources: 

1)         department/division chair

2)         peer faculty members 

3)         students (via online student evaluations from the fall semester) 


***selection of peers:   1st peer is chosen by the faculty member;  2nd peer is appointed by the chair from a list of 3-5 names submitted by the faculty member;   at least one peer must be from the faculty members department    



  • The timeline for the faculty evaluation process is as follows:

October 1st:  Completed faculty portfolios are due and submitted in ALCA.   Department/Division chairs share portfolio with appropriate peer evaluators.


October-November:  Peers and Department/Division chairs evaluate faculty portfolios.  Scores and comments are submitted online through the ALCA system.


December:  Academic Deans add in student evaluation scores;   the faculty evaluation summary sheet is completed by the Academic Dean.


January/February:  Department/Division chairs meet with faculty to go over the evaluations.