On the Record @ Northwestern, Jan. 22, 2010

January 22, 2010

The 2010 Spring semester at Northwestern is fully underway, and everyone is completely busy once again, but that's one of the things that makes Northwestern so special. There's always something going on; something to do. So make sure to check the Calendar of Events and/or Student Events Calendar to see what you might like to attend or get involved with this semester. Also, if you're planning an activity or event and would like for it to be placed on these calendars, you'll need to fill out a form to Schedule an Event.

One activity in full swing is the CORE group's recycling efforts. They now have a new web page where you can go find information about recycling, as well as The Big Event, which is scheduled for April 10. On The Big Event site you'll find forms you can fill out to help with this year's event. You'll find a Participation Form and an Assumption of Risk Form. They also have provided a Job Request Form in case you know of a location that needs some work in the community. There's even a Contributor Contract for those who would like to donate funds for the project.

As for their recycling efforts, there are a number of Campus Recycling Locations where you can find boxes provided to help you recycle paper, as well as plastic bottles and aluminum cans (please rinse). They also have included Recycling Guidelines. CORE will collect the boxes of recycled items approximately every two weeks.

One suggestion provided by CORE is to use both sides of a piece of printer paper before recycling it. This can help the university save money on the consumption of paper products. CORE and the NWOSU Art Society also joined efforts with signage near light switches to remind everyone to shut off lights and other electrical devices in rooms that are not being used. This not only conserves energy, but can save money, too.

If you have questions, please contact CORE co-sponsor Janet Valencia at (580) 327-8476 or jivalencia@nwosu.edu

Trying to Make A Difference

The NWOSU Art Society elected to turn its scheduled baked item fundraiser at the Jan. 16 doubleheader basketball games into a fundraiser for victims of the earthquake in Haiti. The group collected $334.34 that night, and the total amount collected to date is $379.34. Half of the funds is being donated to the Red Cross, and half to Hope in the Light ministry in Haiti.

Lance Ware, a 2003 mass communications graduate, is a missionary serving as the organization's director. Lance, his wife and daughter are OK in Haiti; however, they did have a wall damaged in their house. They actually live in the mountains not too far from Port-au-Prince, so they are not directly in the path of heavy destruction.

NAS honored the request of some individuals who wanted their donation to go directly to Lance and his organization. If anyone would still like to donate, they may do so by sending to Angelia Case, NAS sponsor, who's office is in Media Services, second floor of the J.W. Martin Library. You also can donate directly to Hope in the LightRed Cross or consider making a donation to a charity of your choice, whether it's for relief efforts in Haiti or some other worthy cause. 

Fall 2009 graduation ceremonies
Fall 2009 graduation ceremonies in Percefull Fieldhouse.

Photo Gallery

A new photo gallery for the various events and activities at Northwestern during the Spring 2010 semester has been created at http://nwosuspring2010.shutterfly.com.  Keep checking in to see what photos are added this semester.

Visit http://nwosusummerfall2009.shutterfly.com/ to see the the photo gallery for 2009-10. A Photo Gallery Archive can be found at www.nwosu.edu/nwosu-photos

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Videos on NWOSU YouTube Channel

Subscribe to the Northwestern YouTube Channel to receive notices when new videos have been uploaded. The address is www.youtube.com/nwokst. More than 40 videos have been uploaded to the site so far. Videos added since the last newsletter include:

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