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October 31, 2008

Welcome to the new version of On the Record @ Northwestern.

Northwestern launched its new web site earlier this month, making it necessary to recreate the electronic email newsletter. It will more than likely go through some trial and errors in making it something that will work from week to week, but we hope you continue to enjoy receiving it.

We also hope you have enjoyed seeing the new look of the site. As with any major change, there will be growing pains as various sites continue to be updated and added. Please feel free to make comment about the web site at feedback@nwosu.edu.

With that said, Happy Homecoming Week! This year's theme is "Ranger Heroes: Legends of Northwestern." Homecoming buttons are on sale for $10 (a $24 value). The wearer of a button gains admission to both Miss Cinderella events in Herod Hall (pageant tonight at 8). as well as the Homecoming football game vs. Southern Nazarene University on Saturday at 4 p.m. at Ranger Field. Contact Cindy Rich in the J.W. Martin Library (580-327-8572) or Kelley Burggraf in the Alumni Association Office if you haven't had a chance to get a button to help support the activities of Homecoming.

Take a walk around campus to see how staff members decorated their doors for the door and display contest. Room numbers entered in the contest include EC205; FA126, 131, 117, 235 and 209; second floor of the Library-Media Services; Bookstore; JD199; first floor Vinson - University Relations; VH110; and displays in the Graduate Office, Foundation & Alumni and Registry.

Sheet signs created by campus club members have been hanging in the Student Center and will be taken to the football field for Saturday's game.

Have a great Homecoming weekend.

Below are just a few of the news releases generated by the Office of University Relations since the last newsletter went out. For additional articles, please visit the University News page.

Photo Galleries

Below are links to photo galleries created for the Theatre program's latest production, as well as various photo galleries depicting homecoming activities and contests.

Winners in the Homecoming Sheet Sign contest include first to Student Government Association and second to the ChemClub.

Winners in the Door Decoration contest include first to Printing Services, second to Director of Students and Housing, and third to Sponsored Programs.

Winners in the Display Decoration contest include first to the Graduate Office, second to the Registry Office and third to the Foundation and Alumni Association.

Their entries, along with all others participating, can be seen in the photo galleries below.

More homecoming-related photo galleries will be created for the next newsletter.

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