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To see who the representatives are, how to contact them, and minutes from their meetings, please visit www.nwosu.edu/staff-council.

Campus Kudos

The Staff Council also sponsors "Campus Kudos," a public acknowledgement that applauds the efforts of eligible staff members who have displayed an act of kindness above and beyond their job responsibilities. Anyone may submit nominations using the criteria and the form available on their web site. The following examples should be taken into consideration: • Makes a difference to NWOSU and/or to members of the campus community • Goes above and beyond expectations • Excels as a team player • Strives to bring out the Ranger "Spirit" in others.

Thelma Crouch Nominations

Nominations are open until Oct. 4 for the Thelma Crouch Staff Employee of the Year Award. For an online form, visit www.nwosu.edu/crouch-nomination-form.

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September 26, 2013

We're six weeks into the Fall semester and will be welcoming the families of our students to campus this weekend for the annual Family Day celebration. There's a lot planned, so we hope to see several of our students with their families. We'd love to see the photos you're taking during the weekend, so be sure to tag them on social media with #NWOSU or #NWFamilyDay13, and post them to the Northwestern Facebook page.

If you're ever wondering what is happening on campus, please visit the Northwestern website and check out the Student Events Calendar. You also can keep up to date by "liking" the Northwestern Facebook page and following Northwestern on Twitter (@nwosu).

Accreditation visit in April

Several students and employees are working hard preparing for April's visit by an accreditation team from the North Central Association (NCA) of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Posters, table tents, bracelets and more are starting to appear to help those on and off campus learn more about the university's mission statement and how important it is that Northwestern is an accredited university.

A promotions committee for the university's Self-Study has started a campaign called "Credit for Credit: Accreditation Matters to You," and has both a Facebook Page and Twitter handle (@creditforcredit) that can be used to learn more about the process. They also have a hashtag to follow: #c4c

The Self-Study Informational blog on the right also will provide information in this newsletter to keep everyone informed of what is happening throughout this process. The university's mission statement also can be found at right in the red graphic with the Ranger statue. Please take some time to make yourselves familiar with this statement.

Learn More About Accreditation

Homecoming is one month away!

With only one month left to prepare for Homecoming 2013 set for Oct. 24-26, people are starting to think about what they can do to create spirit sheet signs, parade floats, door decorations, dorm decorations, and more following this year's theme --  Ranger Vacation: It's a Family Tradition. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with this year.

Ranger Preview is coming soon

Ranger Preview is about a month away (Saturday, Nov. 2), so if you know a high school senior looking for where they're going to attend college, make sure you tell them about this event. Ranger Preview gives the high school senior a chance to come to campus, get a feel for what it's like here, and if the student enrolls to attend Northwestern and live in Alva, they'll get a $600 scholarship. What a deal! More information on this event can be found by calling the Office of Recruitment at (580) 327-8546 or emailing recruit@nwosu.edu. You might also direct them to the top right corner of Northwestern's homepage (www.nwosu.edu) where they can find helpful links to both Ranger Preview information and scheduling a campus tour.

News from Northwestern

Photos available for purchase

If you're looking for photos from various campus events to purchase throughout the school year, please visit www.backprint.com/nwosuphotos. Photos from graduation are available for a free download at http://nwosucommencement.shutterfly.com.

Various videos from throughout the school year also may be found at www.youtube.com/nwokst.

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Volume 10, Number 1

Self-Study Informational Blog

  • Self-Study document completed, preparing for visit

    February 12, 2014 

    Dear Northwestern Community,

    It is with great joy that I report to you the Self-Study has been completed and submitted to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and to our four peer review team members. Thank you to each of you who were involved in this process. Now that the Self-Study has been submitted, the focus will transition to planning for our visit on April 7th, 8th & 9th.

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