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Online Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Costs - Oklahoma Resident$281.00 per credit hour
Undergraduate Costs - Non-Resident$509.25 per credit hour
Graduate Costs - Oklahoma Resident$322.25 per credit hour
Graduate Costs - Non-Resident$582.25 per credit hour


*Non-Resident Tuition Waiver Policy

Non-Oklahoma residents (excluding international students) may be eligible for the NWOSU GO OK! Tuition waiver. The waiver will waive all but $30 an hour of the out state tuition portion if the student qualifies. Each semester the Registrar's office will determine if out-of-state residents meet the requirements for this waiver. Criteria to meet the requirements for this waiver are as follows:
Undergraduate Students:

All newly admitted students (first-time freshmen and first-time transfers) receive the GO OK! tuition waiver.**

Continuing Undergraduate and Readmission Students:

Have a retention/graduation GPA of 2.00.

**Students fall under the continuing undergraduate student policy beginning the fall semester after initial admittance to NWOSU.

Graduate Students:

  1. Make formal application to the Graduate Program AND meet unconditional admission (refer to the Graduate Catalog for details)
  2. Have a retention/graduation GPA of 3.00

International students do not qualify for the out-of-state tuition waiver.

Online Proctored Exam Information

Students enrolling in online courses are responsible for proctoring fees which may be associated with the online course exams.

Note:  Northwestern students traveling to a Northwestern campus (Alva, Enid, or Woodward) for a proctored exam are not assessed a proctoring fee.