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Tips for Successful Online Testing

1. Make sure your browser is compatible with Blackboard.  The following browsers are compatible with Blackboard and we strongly recommend that your use one of these:

Internet Explorer 9 or 10
Google Chrome (Stable Channel Release)
Firefox (Extended Support Release)
Safari 6 (MAC Only)

Internet Explorer 11 does not work well with Blackboard.  Do not use Internet Explorer 11 with Blackboard

2. Consider cleaning up your browser before you begin.

  • Turn off toolbars such as Google, Delicious, and "Yahoo!"
  • Make Blackboard a trusted site in your Internet Browser.
  • Turn off popup blockers, or allow popups from
  • Clear your browser's cache and delete temporary internet files.

3. Use a hard-wired internet connection if at all possible.  Remember that online testing is completely different from regular web browsing.  Your computer must remain connected to our server for the entire duration of your exam, and even the smallest disconnect (that you may never even notice otherwise) will cause your exam to terminate.  Wireless connections can drop offline. Satellite internet will almost certainly drop your connection, even if the wind is not blowing.  Any device that creates internet from a cell phone signal will almost certainly result in a lost connection.  Find a computer with a reliable internet connection to take your exams.

4. NEVER DOUBLE CLICK.  Double-clicking either Save Answer, Next Question, or Submit buttons may cause an error.

5. NEVER USE YOUR BROWSER'S BACK BUTTON.  Use only buttons provided in the exam window to navigate the exam.  Using the browser's buttons could cause the exam to terminate. 

6. NEVER USE THE BACKSPACE KEY.  If your cursor is outside of a text box area, the backspace key will cause an exam to terminate.  It is advisable to use the delete key if you need to delete text while taking an exam.

7. If you have technical difficulty, contact your instructor and the helpdesk immediately.