Online surveys available for Assessment Day

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Online surveys available for Assessment Day

Satisfaction surveys for Assessment Day at Northwestern Oklahoma State University have changed to an electronic format where employees and students can fill them out online. Although Assessment Day was scheduled for April 3, online surveys are now accessible from April 1-15.

“Assessment Day is an opportunity for all Northwestern students and employees to take an active role in evaluating, improving our surroundings and enhancing education at our university,” said Leah Haines, director of assessment and institutional effectiveness.

Students who complete a satisfaction survey and participate in the general education exams will be entered to win free prizes, including two $200 grand prizes.

Students (excluding transfers), who have completed between 40 and 75 credit hours will be required to take the ETS Proficiency Profile/General Education Exam on Tuesday through Thursday, April 2-4. All of these selected students will receive a letter and an email directing them when and where to take the exam.

Testing at Northwestern-Alva will happen on Tuesday and Wednesday, and at Northwestern-Woodward on Wednesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the specified areas mentioned in the email.

Students taking the ETS Proficiency Profile will be entered in a drawing to win one of three $50 gift cards.

“Student satisfaction results make a big impact on how our faculty and administration work to advance the educational experience of current and future Northwestern students,” Haines said.

“If students think something is great, we want to know about it. If there are problems, we want to know about those, too, so I highly encourage students to fill out these surveys.”

Surveys also will be emailed to Northwestern employees at the end of the semester. Individuals are encouraged to complete it and express any concerns they may be facing.

Results from these surveys are used to inform and guide university administration in improving the Northwestern experience for our students and the Northwestern community.

For additional information about Assessment Day events at Northwestern, contact Haines at (580) 327-8150 or or visit