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Rated #4 in the Nation's Online RN-to-BSN Programs


  Online RN-to-BSN Program

A program that ENABLES you to be WHO you want to be, WHERE you want to be, and HOW you want to learn!

Nursing Courses online - no campus visits necessary!

No traditional clinical hours required!

Advanced Standing given for YOUR RN experience!

 Enrollment open EVERY Semester!!

High quality, convenient to YOUR schedule and liberal course transfers!

Learn while you earn!


An innovative program at NWOSU for RNs to complete their BSN online!

It is now more important than ever for RNs to have their BSN degrees.

Top 20 Reasons to Become a BSN

  1. BSN is the preferred degree for bedside positions in ICU, Neonatal, and other specialty areas.
  2. BSNs are ready for expanding into the community nursing role and are able to provide the knowledge for health promotion, disease prevention, and optimum levels of wellness.

  3. BSNs learn to lead, manage, and motivate others.

  4. A BSN degree opens the opportunity for research and applying theory to one's practice.

  5. Research demonstrates that BSN-prepared nurses produce better patient outcomes.

  6. BSNs have a better grasp of the BIG PICTURE of Nursing: more time in each area, more emphasis on clinical reasoning, reflection and evidence-based practice.

  7. BSNs are prepared to assume roles of leadership through their education in research utilization, professional issues, leadership and community nursing.

  8. BSNs are prepared for nursing as a profession, not nursing as a job or skill.

  9. The BSN degree provides a base of graduate education.

  10. BSNs have an increased professional marketability.

  11. BSNs have more opportunities open to them in the work force and are eligible for higher advancement.

  12. BSNs have enhanced credibility with other healthcare providers, clients, and the public.

  13. BSNs have more clinical experience outside a hospital setting giving them a broader range of experiences.

  14. BSNs are prepared to function in all health care settings.

  15. BSNs use reflection in their practice to continually improve their plan of care.

  16. BSNs are best prepared for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaboration.

  17. BSNs have a more solid science background which enables a sense of confidence in recognizing conditions and responding appropriately.

  18. BSNs learn "why" not just "how to".

  19. BSNs fulfill their career dreams and their personal goals! 

  20. BSNs have more earning power.

Online RN-to-BSN Program Entrance Qualifications

The minimum criteria for consideration of applicants seeking admission to the Online RN-to-BSN program include:

  1. Acceptance to Northwestern Oklahoma State University. (**Separate NWOSU application required**)  
  2. Evidence of satisfactory academic achievement with a minimum of a 2.5 GPA in all nursing courses and a 2.5 GPA overall.
  3. Graduate of an ACEN (formerly NLN or NLNAC) approved Associate Degree or Diploma Nursing Program.
  4. Filing of the student's official college transcript(s) with the Registrar's Office and a copy to the Division of Nursing.
  5. Submission of a completed application form for the Online RN-to-BSN Program to the Nursing Division. 
  6. Submission of two references from teachers or employers with at least one being from a nursing instructor or supervisor. 
  7. Resident of the state of Oklahoma.
  8. Documentation of current licensure as a Registered Nurse in Oklahoma.
  9. Successful background check clearance through Certified Background.

Program Retention Standards

To remain in the nursing program, students must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA and achieve a "C" or better in all nursing and science courses.  A student's failure to meet any of these standards will result in a review by the nursing faculty and potential dismissal from the program.

Accreditation and Approvals

The Northwestern Oklahoma State University Nursing Program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN) and is approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing.  Northwestern Oklahoma State University is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc.: (404) 975-5000

Oklahoma Board of Nursing: (405) 962-1800 


Online RN-to-BSN Program Curriculum

Nursing Program Pre-Requisities:

Chemistry 1105
Anatomy Bio 3184*
College Algebra 1513
Psychology 1113
Human Life Span
Statistics (Math or Psych) 3 hours             

A combination Anatomy and Physiology course may be considered for meeting the requirement for the separate Anatomy course and Physiology course. Consult a faculty advisor for more information.


General Education Hours Requirements:

NWOSU General Education Hours vary depending upon your nursing degree and college hours earned.  Contact a Nursing Division Advisor for specific questions.  Contact the Division of Nursing office at (580) 327-8493 to contact an advisor, or email Dr Shelly Wells at

Nursing Course Requirements: 

Introduction to Nursing Care and Skills *        

Holistic Assessment *

Nursing Care of the Adult I *

Pharmacology and Nursing Care *

Nursing Care of the Adult II *

Nursing Care of the Family *

Nursing Care in Mental Health*

Nursing Care of the Adult III

Research Utilization

Nursing Care in the Community

Professional Issues in Nursing

Nursing Leadership

*RNs are awarded credit for the following courses in accordance with the Oklahoma Board of Nursing and NWOSU Articulation Agreement:



Human Life Span

Introduction to Nursing Care and Skills

Holistic Assessment

Nursing Care of the Adult I

Pharmacology and Nursing Care             

Nursing Care of the Adult II

Nursing Care of the Family

Nursing Care in Mental Health


Online RN -to-BSN Program Nursing Curriculum

Effective Fall 2015, students may be admitted in the Fall, Spring or Summer Semester and may complete the BSN degree in 12 months provided that all university general education requirements are met.  Applicants will enter into the course rotation at the semester of application and continue until all courses have been completed.

Nurses with proof of current CCRN certification will receive credit for Nursing Care of the Adult III.  Check with a faculty advisor for more information.

Spring Semester:

N3023 Role Transition

N4003 Research Utilization (Statistics is a pre- or co-requisite)

May Interim Session:

N4333 Professional Issues in Nursing

Summer Semester:

N4316 Nursing Care of the Adult III (Pathophysiology is a pre or co-requisite)

N3033 Pathophysiology for Nurses (if needed)

Fall Semester:

N4216 Nursing Leadership

N4206 Nursing Care in the Community

For additional information and questions, email Dr. Shelly Wells at 

*It is strongly recommended that you submit scanned copies of your college transcripts for informal evaluation when you contact Dr Wells

Computer Requirements for Success in the Online Program

  • Broadband Internet Access
  • 256 MB RAM (minimum requirement)
  • 1.3 GHz Processor (minimum requirement)
  • 20 GB hard drive (minimum)
  • Windows XP or Higher
  • Web Browser (IE 8.0 or higher, Firefox, or Chrome)
  • Microsoft Office 2003 Suite or higher
  • Adobe Reader 8 or higher
  • Windows Media Player 7 or higher
  • Webcam
  • PDF conversion software OR scanner