Online Program Requirements

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To be successful in an online major program a student will need basic computer skills, including email, Blackboard, browsing the Internet and Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In addition students will need access to certain hardware, software and other technology, as listed below.

Internet Connection: Students should have a high-speed Internet connection. High speed connections would include DSL, cable modem, satellite modem and T-1 lines.

Hardware Requirements: Computer System with built in or add-on camera, speakers, microphone, and digital display.  

Software (not all classes will require all software):

MS Word (or compatible)
MS Excel (or compatible)
MS PowerPoint (or compatible)
MS Access (or compatible) (supplied by university)
Blackboard 9.1 Enterprise (supplied by the university)
PolyCom desktop software (supplied as part of Online Program Fee) (supplied by university)
Adobe Flash Player (free download from
PDF viewer (any provider acceptable; free Adobe PDF viewer available from

Some courses will have course specific software, such as a simulation, that students will purchase as part of textbook/course materials.