Online Program Information

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Costs of the program:

Application Fee: Currently the university has an application fee that is paid at the time of submitting an application to the university before or during the semester.

Online Program Fee: Students in the online major programs must pay a one-time online program fee. This fee is assessed when the student registers for UNIV 1010 Online Program Orientation. Once assessed, the online program fee is non-refundable, regardless if the student withdraws from UNIV 1010, the online major program or the university.

Tuition: A student who has completed all of his/her general education requirements before entering the online major program will be required to complete 70 semester hours of coursework to fulfill the degree requirements. Students should be aware that there is no guarantee that tuition rates will remain at the current level throughout the student's time at NWOSU. The most current tuition and fee information is available at

Graduation Fee: There is a fee assessed at the time the students applies to graduate from NWOSU.

NOTE: The program costs set forth above reflect the current tuition and fees.  Tuition and fees are subject to change at any time

ADDITIONAL POTENTIAL COST: In each online class, university policy requires at least one major test be taken in a university approved environment. Many professors require that all tests be taken in that environment. The university has approved locations on each campus, Ponca City University Center, a commercial testing center, any accredited community college or university testing center, and for military personnel - military educational center or superior officer.  Students also may use Remote Proctor Now. Any fees associated with proctoring are the student's responsibility.


Students in the online majors complete the same curriculum requirements as students attending NWOSU on one of the university's campuses or extension sites. Please click the link below for curriculum requirements for each online major:

B.S. - Accounting           B.S. - Business Administration           BAAS - Technical Management 

Course Rotation:

A two year course rotation for the Division of Business classes is posted on the NWOSU website.