How Does Living on the Northwestern Oklahoma State University Campus Benefit Me?
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How Does Living on Campus Benefit Me?

  • Graduate faster with a higher GPA!
    - Research indicates that students living on campus graduate in a shorter amount of time and with a higher GPA than off-campus students.
  • No change needed!
    - Cable TV, high speed Internet, and laundry facilities are included in my housing package. Everything is installed and ready for me!
  • I have a choice!
    - South and Coronado have three rooms to each suite, and each suite shares a private bathroom and shower area.
    - Two rooms per suite in Fryer share a bathroom/shower.
    - All rooms have heat and air-conditioning for comfort.
  • No cooking required.
    - Meals on campus provide a wide variety of selections, including all I can eat and drink. No dishes; I eat and I’m done!
  • 24 hour services.
    - Courteous university police officers provide escorts and police security if I need it.
    - Lock out service: I’ll never get locked out of my room because someone will always be available to let me back in!
    - Personal counseling available.
    - Student housing is available year-round. I can stay on campus during all scheduled breaks, as well as during the summer.
  • Easy access to student facilities.
    - The state-of-the-art Wellness Center, Coronado Cafeteria, Student Center, Library, Bookstore, and Cyber Cafe are all within five minutes or less walking distance. That’s great if I forget my book, I.D., or money in my room!
    - Classes are within walking distance, too! I can sleep five more minutes and still be early to class!
  • Make friends and influence people.
    - Each residence hall plays host to numerous activities for residents. I’ll know immediately about on-campus activities, concerts, plays, club meetings, intramural games, sporting events and impromptu activities.
    - I can get involved with campus organizations and make a difference!
  • BYOBed or use one of ours!
    - Extra-long twin beds are available, or I can bring my own.
    - Furnishings such as desks, chairs, and dressers are provided, but I can bring other items.
  • Easy parking.
    - Each residence hall has its own parking lot, so I’ll have safe, well-lit, secure parking for my vehicle.