10 Benefits of Living on Campus at Northwestern Oklahoma State University
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10 Benefits of Living on Campus!

1. Proximity

Living on campus makes going to the café, gym, library, and class a breeze! Everything is within a 5 minute walk. Not to mention, not paying for gas or a parking ticket!

2. Saving Money

When you live in the dorms there are no monthly bills. You can blow your air conditioner on full blast and not see the ramifications on a utility bill! Plus, if you compare the cost of dorms to an apartment, you might be surprised!

3. Safety

Unlike most houses or apartments, our dorms are locked and monitored 24/7! At NWOSU there are campus police constantly available as well as RA’s and a Hall Supervisor. Security like that is not cheap other places!

4. Personalization

Dorms are the one place where hanging your favorite poster(s) is perfectly acceptable and welcomed! There are endless possibilities within those cement walls, waiting for your creativity! DORM IT UP can also help with this cause!

5. NO Heavy Moving

With everything you want to bring and everything your mom snuck into your bag when you weren’t looking, you already have enough stuff to bring to college. Why add heavy furniture to that list? The dorms come with a desk, chair, shelves, and a bed! No need to bring anything else!

6. FREE Stuff

The dorms are filled with free goodies! They have parties every month, and the parties always include FREE food, prizes, and much more. Not to mention all the donuts and food that comes when finals roll around!

7. Great Place to Meet New People

A dorm usually has well over 100 people your age, living all around you! Dorms allow you to casually meet people outside of your usual social scene. Whether you are gathering people to play an impromptu game of volleyball or rallying people to make a late-night fast-food run, you have the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people that you may not normally run into.

8. Meals Provided

Living on campus allows you to eat all your meals without having to lift a finger!  You don’t have to buy groceries, cook, or clean dishes! There are two amazing spots waiting with food ready for you to eat! Don’t forget about the wide variety of choices either!

9. Ultimate Entertainment

The dorms have several sources of entertainment. Each dorm has a ping-pong or pool table, a large television in the common rooms, and shared access to outdoor basketball and tennis courts, plus a sand volley pit. You and your friends should never have to pay a dime to be entertained all the time!

10. The Ultimate Experience

Dorm life is an integral part of having the complete college experience. People who are ready to turn in their shower shoes after one or two years of dorm life may forget that the dorm experience is a unique opportunity. That not-so-pleasant roommate or that awkward bathroom encounter becomes an amusing story to tell. You will never be this age again and have the convenience — and fun — that a dorm provides. Remember, living in a dorm is only available for four years out of your entire life.