Oklahoma Teacher of the Year provides insight to being a successful instructor

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Oklahoma Teacher of the Year provides insight to being a successful instructor

November 2, 2012

Oklahoma Teacher of the Year
Northwestern Oklahoma State University teacher education candidates gain great knowledge from Oklahoma Teacher of the Year Elaine Hutchison.  Hutchison recently spoke to the group about networking and setting goals.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University teacher education students recently listened to Elaine Hutchison, Oklahoma Teacher of the Year, speak about the importance of utilizing new technologies, networking, setting goals and, most importantly, having and showing enthusiasm in the classroom.

Hutchison, an Algebra II, trigonometry, pre-calculus and AP calculus teacher at Fairview High School and Chamberlain Middle School in the Fairview School District and at the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics Regional Center, is a National Board Certified Teacher with 19 years of classroom experience.

She has been in her current position 10 years, and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in secondary education from Oklahoma State University.

In a portion of Hutchison’s portfolio that was considered by the Teacher of the Year committee she wrote,

“A teacher’s enthusiasm ignites greatness! If we want our students to be excited about learning, they must feed on our passion. We must work as though our daily contributions are what make or break our students’ success.”

“I am always excited to be in northwest Oklahoma,” Hutchison said.

The Ames native said both of her parents were Northwestern graduates.

While she was on campus, she hoped to get in contact some of her former students who were attending Northwestern.

Dr. Martie Young, professor of education, said that she agreed with Hutchison’s remarks on professional development and enthusiasm for the profession.

“As new teachers, they learn from others and especially others with classroom experience about what works and what to watch for,” Young said.

“Teachers of the Year are notoriously enthusiastic about what they do, and that feeling is transferred to our teacher candidates.”

The university invites the Oklahoma Teachers of the Year to speak to teacher candidates each year.

Young said she finds that having Northwestern students listen to these inspirational teachers allows them to realize all the possibilities in the profession.