NWOSU Planning Assumptions 2011-15

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Planning Assumptions

Planning Assumptions are statements of projected institutional conditions important as a base for planning.


  • Number of full-time faculty will remain constant.
  • Demand for qualified adjunct faculty may increase with enrollment.
  • The ability to recruit and retain qualified faculty will become more difficult in the current and future budget climate.

Grants and Fundraising

  • Fundraising and grants will become more important to support vitality of the institution.

Curriculum and Instruction

  • The University will remain committed to offering remedial education classes as required.
  • The academic student profile will remain consistent over the next five years.
  • Demand for online courses will increase (from student & faculty perspective).
  • The need for additional course sections in General Education courses will increase.

Student Population

  • The number of students who attend NW will increase instead of opting for a more expensive education elsewhere.
  • The University will be committed to serving students of varied academic backgrounds.
  • Students will require additional support services and guidance to meet their academic goals.
  • The University will continue to assess the need for on-campus housing.

Enrollment Management

  • The mix of in-state/out-of-state will likely remain the same (80%/20% by 2015).
  • NWOSU enrollment will remain near current levels by 2015.
  • Online enrollment at Northwestern will continually grow over the next five years.
  • Enrollment levels are dependent upon the continuance of the Alva Incentive program (scholarship program for first-time students living in Alva).
  • Affordability will be a positive factor in recruitment.