NWOSU Driving Forces 2011-15

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Driving Forces

Driving forces are those select factors or trends determined from the environmental scan that will most significantly impact the University in the future


  • The population of underserved and underprepared students entering college within the state and across the nation will continue to rise.
  • An increasing number of people in Oklahoma will be of minority ancestry.
  • The population of northwest Oklahoma continues to decline causing the number of high school graduates also to decline.
  • Competition for students will increase among colleges & universities for a declining student population.
  • More people returning to school to work on their degree after having been in the workforce for 3-4 years after high school. This trend may especially be noticed on the branch campuses in Enid and Woodward.


  • The trend towards increasing mobility of students and ability to use multiple institutions for degree completion.
  • The number of students with special needs will increase.
  • Sustainability will become an even more important societal value.


  • State economy will continue to be driven by energy production.
  • State funding will remain stable or decrease.
  • The gap left in the budget by the lack of stimulus funds.


  • Increasing expectations for constant web presence, rapid connectivity, use of mobile technology and up-to-date delivery systems.
  • Increased needs for alternative methods of delivery of classes.


  • Increased competition for resources among higher education institutions in the state and region (inconsistent funding formula).
  • Increased internal and external expectations for accountability and assessment.


  • Students attend multiple institutions for degree completion.
  • Increased need for 24-hour support in student services, education and technology (delivery method).
  • Assessment expectations relating to accreditation for degree and certificate programs.
  • Increase in online degree programs offered by other universities.