NWOSU Core Values

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Core Values

Academic Excellence

Northwestern will provide the best possible educational experience for every student.

  • Focus on quality teaching and advising
  • Respond effectively to the learning needs of each student
  • Embrace the role of technology in the educational process
  • Promote opportunities for teaching and learning outside of the classroom


Northwestern is committed to accessibility of its programs and services.

  • Embrace our mission as a multi-campus regional university
  • Continually work to maintain affordability
  • Seek new methods to deliver programs and services to our constituencies


Northwestern will strive to create a sense of community that extends beyond campus boundaries.

  • Seek partnerships and initiatives that will improve the quality of life for area residents
  • Promote institutional and individual service to others
  • Embrace our role in a global society


Northwestern will respect the individual rights of all persons.

  • Value the differences in every individual
  • Promote the expression of differing opinions and beliefs
  • Appreciate the culture and backgrounds of each person
  • Treat every individual with respect


Northwestern will maintain the highest levels of ethical standards and accountability.

  • Act with integrity and accept responsibility
  • Use our resources in the most effective and efficient manner
  • Conduct business in an atmosphere of transparency
  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement