Nursing students and faculty attend Legislative Day at Capitol

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Nursing students and faculty attend Legislative Day at Capitol

Nursing seniors
Northwestern nursing students attended Legislative Day for Nurses at the Capitol. Maggie Lamle, Whitney Judd and Wendy Bersche are pictured with Sen. Bryce Marlatt (center right).

March 4, 2010

Senior nursing students and faculty from Northwestern Oklahoma State University recently attended the 2010 Legislative Day for Nurses at the Capitol.  During their trip they were able to learn and voice their opinions about issues facing nursing and healthcare in Oklahoma.


The goal of Legislative Day for Nurses is to provide information on the legislative process, as well as issues affecting nursing and health care in Oklahoma.

Northwestern students had the opportunity to:

  • Hear from legislative experts, legislators and Oklahoma Nurses Association lobbyists;
  • Educate legislators on issues vital to the nursing profession;
  • Increase awareness of the roles and values of nursing in the political arena; 
  • Voice an opinion concerning legislation affecting the nursing profession;
  • Join other nurses who share the same concerns.

Senior nursing students who attended the event are Maggie Lamle of Columbia, Mo.; Whitney Judd, Alva; and Wendy Bersche from Alva.