Northwestern's J.R. Holder Wellness Center announces Strong Competition results

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Northwestern's J.R. Holder Wellness Center announces Strong Competition results

April 20, 2016

Winners for Strong CompetitionWinners for their weight classes are (left to right) men’s division, Michael Simpson, Shane Engelken, Carter Spellman, Ty Peterson, Jon VanBurskirk and women’s division Willow Gahr.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University’s J.R. Holder Wellness Center held a “Strong Competition” April 16 and have announced the results.

Competitors had three attempts per lift for bench press, deadlift and squat. Heats were separated by weight classes.

The winners are as follows:

For the women’s division, in the weight class of 125-145 lbs., Willow Gahr, senior biology major from Carmen, won with a total weight of 370 lbs.

In the men’s division, weight class of < 165 lbs., Jon VanBuskirk, freshman nursing major from Alva, won with a total of 695 lbs.

In the 166-190 lbs. weight class, community member Ty Peterson won with 975 lbs.

For the 191-220 lbs. weight class, Carter Spellman, sophomore health and sports science major from Alva, won with a total weight of 1,055 lbs.

For the 221-245 lbs. weight class, Shane Engelken, development officer for Northwestern Foundation and Alumni Association, won with a total of 1,280 lbs.

Deadlift Attempt

Shane Engelken cheers on Michael Simpson as he attempts another round of deadlifting for the Strong Competition.

For the 246 lbs.+ weight class, community member Michael Simpson won with a total of 1,385 lbs.
Simpson earned best squat with 485 lbs. and best deadlift with 545 lbs; while Engelken won best bench with 375 lbs.

There were prizes for first place in every weight class.

“We designed this to bring a youthful challenge for students, faculty, staff and community members at all ages to entice them to get involved,” Director Richard Burdick said. “We want to the set goals and strive for a change of pace in all challenges.”

For more information on upcoming events or competitions at the J.R. Holder Wellness Center, visit or contact Burdick at or (580) 327-8109.