Northwestern theatre to present "Potpourri: A Night of Laughs"

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Northwestern theatre to present "Potpourri: A Night of Laughs"

The Northwestern Oklahoma State University theatre program will present five short plays lasting 10-15 minutes each on Friday, April 17, at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, April 18, at 2 p.m. in the Herod Hall Auditorium. Admission for “Potpourri: A Night of Laughs” will be $1, and all proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund.

The order in which the plays will be presented has not yet been determined, however, the Potpourri event will feature the following short plays:

Taylor Morris, Pacoima, Calif., sophomore, will be directing “4 a.m. (Open all Night)” by Bob Krakower. This play is about a man who wants to know if there is more to life than staying at home with his girlfriend. The cast will feature Nick Coffey, Brentwood, Tenn., junior; Brianna Louthan, Freedom freshman; Natalie Sacket, Aline sophomore; and Nathan Sacket of Aline.

Trenton Judd, Sapulpa junior, will be directing “La Mouche” by Stephen Bittrich, a story of a man who finds a fly in his soup and causes a dispute between two waiters. The cast will feature Jordan Evans, Edmond junior; Scott Bartley, Enid senior; and Patrick Wilson, Northwestern Bookstore employee.

Michelle Penner, Cherokee senior, will be directing “Tis Not Me She Loves” by Steven Stack. When the feud between the Hatplains and McCroys falters, they are willing to do anything to get it back. The cast will feature Jordan Lyles, Sapulpa junior; Erin Hopkins, Fairview junior; Dr. Karen Linstrum, assistant professor of psychology; Dr. Richmond Adams, assistant professor of English; Coffey; Wilson; Natalie Sacket; and Nathan Sacket.

Tracey Meza, St. Cloud, Fla., junior, will be directing “The Chocolate Affair” by Stephanie Allison Walker, a show depicting the everyday struggle for a wife and mother to do the right thing. The cast features Arthur (AJ) Bohlmann, Hooker senior; Ryley Kurtz, Miami, Okla., freshman; and Kate Henning, Milton, Del., junior.

Kimberly Weast, MFA, professor of theatre arts, will be the director of “While You Were Sleeping” by Alex Brown. In this story, surprises abound when Kim opens her front door one morning. The cast includes Tori Hurley, Sheffield, Iowa, freshman; Megan Metcalf, Enid freshman; Bohlmann; and Penner.

“We wanted to do something different and comedic for this production,” Weast said. “Everything else we have done this year so far has had serious undertones. We really encourage everybody to come to ‘Potpourri: A Night of Laughs.’ The short stories are hilarious, and the money is going to a great cause.”

For more information on this production or the Northwestern theatre program, contact Weast at or at (580) 327-8462.