Northwestern students, faculty recreate 'Ugly Bugs' by Dale Brown

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Northwestern students, faculty recreate 'Ugly Bugs' by Dale Brown

June 23, 2011

 Recreating the Ugly Bugs
(From left) Trent Spade, Dr. Karen Linstrum and Kasya Spade recreated “Mrs. Brown and the Ugly Bugs,” a book written by Dale Brown during her struggles with cancer.  English and Spanish versions of the book are available for $10-$12.  All proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society.
 Dale Brown and the Ugly Bugs
“Mrs. Brown and the Ugly Bugs” is available for purchase by contacting Dr. Ken Brown at (580) 327-2467 or 

When Dr. Karen Linstrum, assistant professor of psychology at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, first moved to Alva she was told that the statue sitting in front of the Runnymede Hotel was Dale Brown, the late wife of Dr. Ken Brown, local Alva resident and former chemistry professor at Northwestern.

Dale Brown had been instrumental in moving the Runnymede to Alva and as Linstrum began learning more about Dale, she soon realized how powerful and what a positive person she had been. Linstrum discovered that Dale had written a book called “Ugly Bugs” for her pre-school aged students where she talked about her struggles with the disease.

Linstrum decided to work with Northwestern psychology graduate students Trent and Kasya Spade to recreate the book for those who have dealt with losing a loved one because of cancer, or for those kids who currently have a loved one dealing with cancer.

Linstrum offered to further develop the small, black and white copy paper- pamphlet into a therapeutic book. Dr. Brown agreed, wanting the book to be beneficial to all. With help from Dr. Claudia Young, assistant professor of Spanish, the book has been translated into Spanish.

“It makes sense to have a Spanish version,” Dr. Brown said.

“Spanish speaking kids will have the same questions about a friend or parent who is ill.”

Dr. Brown also said this book is for kids and their families. When he began talking about how Dale dealt with this disease, he said she was open about it.

“Her way was to provide information at a level where kids would take it and understand it,” he said.

For Linstrum, she said further developing “Mrs. Brown and the Ugly Bugs” into a bibliotherapy book has been a joy.

“Trent and Kasya Spade are due much recognition for their use of software and graphics to bring the book to life,” Linstrum said.

For those interested in buying an English or Spanish version of “Mrs. Brown and the Ugly Bugs,” please contact Dr. Brown at (580) 327-2467 or Prices for the books range from $10-$12 depending on the quality of paper used. All proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society.

“Mrs. Brown and the Ugly Bugs” also is available for viewing at the J.W. Martin Library on the Northwestern-Alva campus.