Northwestern students attend Civil War Teach-In

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Northwestern students attend Civil War Teach-In

 students attend Civil War Teach-In

Students at the University of Oklahoma attending a Civil War Teach-In. Pictured are (from left) Ryan Brandt, Jana Brown, Tracy Detrixhe, Dr. Aaron Mason; and Kathleen Gluth.

In connection with the Leviathan Society of the Northwestern Oklahoma State University Social Sciences Department and Institute for Citizenship Studies, Dr. Aaron Mason, associate professor of political science, and Dr. Eric Schmaltz, associate professor of history, recently accompanied students to attend the University of Oklahoma’s Civil War Teach-In at Norman.

Several nationally recognized U.S. Civil War scholars gave presentations on aspects of the country’s greatest conflict.  Large numbers attended this event.  This represents the third annual teach-in hosted by OU, with different themes designated for each year. 

Northwestern students who attended are Jana Brown, Cleo Springs graduate student; Tracy Detrixhe, Alva graduate student; Ryan Brandt, Alva senior; and Kathleene Gluth, Alva junior. 

In early fall 2009 Mason and Schmaltz established the Leviathan Society at Northwestern. This informal group encourages students interested in topics on government, politics and history to participate in campus-sponsored activities and trips.  It consists of students majoring in political science and history, though membership is open to students of all majors. 

For more information about the Leviathan Society or the Institute, contact Mason at or (580) 327-8522 or Schmaltz at or (580) 327-8526.