Northwestern staff member, alumna writes original songs; releases first album

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Northwestern staff member, alumna writes original songs; releases first album

Brooke TaylorJune 28, 2016

One of Northwestern Oklahoma State University’s own recently wrote songs for an album, now released on iTunes.

Brooke Taylor (Fuller), director of assessment and institutional effectiveness and adjunct instructor of psychology, wrote eight original songs for her Christian and gospel genre album called “Overcome”.

The Northwestern alumna signed with Tate Music Group in the fall of 2015 to help her create the album.

“I started writing music when I was in high school,” Taylor said. “I would pretty much just write [Christian] songs, keep them in my dresser drawer and notebooks, then I’d play them in my bedroom; that was about it.”

Taylor recalled one time she was struggling with figuring out what her spiritual gifts were and had a realization that writing, singing and creating music were her gifts.

“I just felt like God had spoken to my heart and said ‘I’ve given you this gift and you are hiding it’,” she said. “At that point I started thinking okay I can do it.”

After the realization, Taylor looked forward to creating the songs to their full potential but was still hesitant about sending it out into the public.

“I didn’t want anyone else to have it; I wanted it for myself to put it in my car and listen to it. I sent some music to this company in Mustang, and they wanted to do a contract with me, but if I wanted to record the CD they would put it on iTunes and wherever else. I just wanted it for myself, but they were like ‘if you do it, we’re going to sell it’.”

Creating the album wasn’t the hard part for Taylor, instead it was narrowing down the song choice to only making an eight-song album. After the songs were picked, Taylor practiced the songs then recorded the album in January of this year.

“I think it went fairly smoothly; some of them were older songs that I had written a couple years ago and some were new,” she said. “I kept it quiet because I didn’t do it to sell it; it was a personal thing that I wanted for myself and to say that I did it and to give one to my grandma, sister and family.”

Taylor said it was an odd feeling getting to see her name and work on the popular music app. For her album, the company also created the artwork, but Taylor says there’s more to the ballerina on the cover.Overcome

“If you know me I don’t have anything do to with dancing,” she said. “I was going through a really tough time in 2015, and the dancer meant there was strength in me that I didn’t know was there; that’s kind of how you see a dancer, you don’t really know how strong they are until they are under pressure and you see them stand on their toes.”

Although the songs are about pain and going through tough times, Taylor named the album “Overcome” to help people understand God’s healing and redemption in heartbreaking situations.

After signing with the music company, it was only six weeks later the single mom started on her doctorate in Performance Psychology through Grand Canyon University. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (2010) and a Master of Education with an emphasis in Psychology (2013), both from Northwestern. Although Taylor has many big events for the upcoming year, she doesn’t think that will stop her from creating another album.

“I’m still writing, and I have a lot of songs I want to use. We’ll just see what happens,” she said about her future. “I definitely plan on recording another one but again not necessarily to sell it but to have it; then whoever wants it can, too.”