Northwestern reports slight decrease in spring semester enrollment

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Northwestern reports slight decrease in spring semester enrollment

February 28, 2012

Officials at Northwestern Oklahoma State University say a booming local economy is a contributing factor to a small drop in enrollment for the spring semester.

Total enrollment for the current spring semester is 2,138 students, a decrease of 95 students or 4.6 percent from 2011.

“We experienced a similar decrease in fall semester enrollment and that usually carries over into the spring,” said Dr. Janet Cunningham, university president. “We have experienced our fifth and sixth largest enrollments over the past two years, so even with a small decrease, our enrollment remains strong.

“There’s no question that the ongoing boom in the energy industry is drawing some students as jobs are plentiful. Our message to students is that those students with a degree are the ones that are more likely to move into higher-paying management positions. A bachelor’s degree will play a key role in career advancement in the energy sector.”

The main campus in Alva reported 1,321 students, a decrease of 3.9 percent from a year ago.

Enrollment at Northwestern-Woodward rose 1.6 percent with 252 students attending classes at that campus.

Northwestern-Enid reported a smaller enrollment with 302 students.

Enrollment at Northwestern’s outreach sites, including the University Center of Ponca City totaled 145 students, and 67 area high school students are enrolled in concurrent classes.

The sum of Northwestern’s campus and outreach enrollments is slightly larger than the total headcount figure because some students take classes at multiple sites.