Northwestern psychology professor article accepted for publication

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Northwestern psychology professor article accepted for publication

November 3, 2010

 Dr. Karen Linstrum
Dr. Karen Linstrum

One of Northwestern Oklahoma State University’s newest psychology faculty members, Dr. Karen Linstrum, assistant professor of psychology, is the senior researcher and author of an article recently accepted for publication in the Journal of Intercultural Disciplines.

The title of the article is “Formative Evaluation: Using the Critical Incident Questionnaire in a Graduate Counseling Course on Cultural Diversity.”

“I am so glad that this particular journal accepted our article for publication,” Linstrum said.

Linstrum’s colleagues from Texas A&M University-Texarkana are second and third authors of the article. Dr. Glenda Ballard and Tina Shelby worked with Linstrum to create this article for publication.

“Our article used a well-known higher educational tool developed by Stephen Brookfield titled the ‘Critical Incident Questionnaire,’” Linstrum said.

She explained that the questionnaire used asked for anonymous statements from students concerning their thoughts and feelings about what occurred in class. Brookfield’s questionnaire is used most often with undergraduates, but Linstrum used the questionnaire with her Counseling Diverse Populations graduate class.

“There is often much emotion and thought involved with students taking a course that focuses on diversity,” Linstrum said. “I predicted that I would collect informative data with this particular graduate course, and I did.”

"Conducting research is part of academia, and I enjoy conducting research,” Linstrum said.

The senior editor of the journal, Dr. Susie Jans-Thomas of West Florida University, stated that Linstrum’s article will be published in volume 10 of the journal.