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Northwestern provides the opportunities and experiences that you'll need to achieve your goals, but don't take our word for it. Get to know our current students and employees, as well as alumni through the provided profiles.

Enjoy firsthand accounts from those who currently are involved in the full spectrum of programs and events at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. And, our alumni are sharing information about their lives after college and how Northwestern helped them to get where they are today. 

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Latest Profiles
  • Faculty/Alumni - Tamara Brown

    Tammy BrownThe most important aspect of my career is being able to help others. At Northwestern, the smaller class size has allowed me to get to know my students and work closely with them. I have been given the opportunity to influence a number of students and to help them achieve their learning and career goals.

  • Alumni/Staff -- Lizabeth Richey

    Lizabeth RicheyLizabeth Richey is both an alum and employee of Northwestern. She has served as Alumni Director since 2004. She began her career with the Northwestern Foundation and Alumni Association in 1991.
  • Faculty - Dr. Cynthia Pfeifer-Hill

    Dr. Cynthia Pfeifer-Hill"I myself am a product of large schools whose main campuses had more than 40,000 students. I like the opportunity to interact one-on-one with students and really get to know them!"
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