Northwestern plays host to training for area administrators

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Northwestern plays host to training for area administrators

 TLE training

Area administrators participate in Teacher and Leader Effectiveness training on the Northwestern Oklahoma State University campus.
Northwestern Oklahoma State University’s Department of Education played host to area administrators recently at a Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (TLE) training on Student Learning Objectives (SLO).

TLE oversees Oklahoma’s new teacher/leader evaluation system that is used to inform instruction, create professional development opportunities and improve both the practice and art of teaching and leading.  SLO is a measurable, long-term, academic goal, informed by available data, that a teacher or teacher team sets at the beginning of the year for all students.

Veteran administrator and educator Dr. Jenyfer Glisson, executive director of TLE, brought a team of experts to help train northwest Oklahoma educators and administrators in SLO standards.  

“SLO training is one of the components for the TLE system,” Glisson said. “TLE is designed to aid in teacher effectiveness.”  

Northwestern opened its doors to northwest Oklahoma administrators so they don’t have to travel far to get quality training.

“We are very excited that Northwestern continues to have opportunities to help our public schools with professional development,” Dr. Bo Hannaford, dean of professional studies, said. “This training allowed our area administrators to complete required training by the State Department of Education regarding TLE and SLO.  We are very pleased that the State Department asked us to hold the training because it allows our area administrators the opportunity to stay closer to their home schools and receive training that will ultimately benefit themselves and their school districts. It is our goal to bring more opportunities to northwest Oklahoma and our educators.”

For more information on teacher and administrator training, please contact Hannaford at (580) 327-8455 or