Northwestern plays host to Eighth Grade Career Day with Alva Middle School

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Northwestern plays host to Eighth Grade Career Day with Alva Middle School

April 12, 2016

teacher candidates A few of the teacher candidates that took part in the Alva Middle School Eighth Grade Career Day told students about their groups and upcoming activities. The teacher candidates pictured addressing the students were (left to right) Justin Schanbacher, Isi Ofiu, Bryce Lewis, Kenneith McIntosh and Charles Wylie.

One of Northwestern Oklahoma State University’s education courses played host to Eighth Grade Career Day with Alva Middle School’s eighth grade class Friday, April 8, from 12:15 – 2:45 p.m. at the Alva campus.

Connie Jacobs, instructor of education at Northwestern, joined her teacher candidates from Principles & Methods of Teaching course (EDUC 3913) to host 63 eighth graders.

The teacher candidates planned for a one-day rotation of fun, educational activities for the middle school students who circulated the campus in groups to various locations where they participated in different events.

At the McKeever School building on Northwestern’s campus, a scavenger hunt took place. The eighth graders hunted for information about what it was like to teach in Woods County 100 years ago. They also discussed potential careers in today’s education in Oklahoma.

Another session was held at Northwestern’s Natural History Museum, with the cooperation of Dr. Steve Thompson, professor of biology, and his student workers. The teacher candidates and eighth grade students conducted another scavenger hunt for details about various artifacts along with a tour of the museum and an opportunity to learn and discuss potential careers, including teaching science.

The last session took place on Northwestern’s Intramural Field for a team-building activity. Students had to think creatively, collaboratively, and critically as they worked together to problem-solve. This activity revealed how different perspectives enrich the learning environment.

“I am very proud of our Northwestern teacher candidates as they represent the professionalism and competency needed to be successful educator,” Jacobs said. “The leadership at this event likely sparked some initial career consideration by the eighth grade students. That’s what teaching is all about – making a difference!”

Northwestern teacher candidates also discussed with students their reasons for pursing teaching careers in Social Science, English, Vocal Music and Natural Science.

Teacher candidates that took part in the Career Day activities included: Derek Bishop, Ponca City senior, English education major; Kent Callison, Mooreland senior, health and sports science education major; Jade George, Ponca City senior, English education major; John Lazenby, Glencoe senior, natural science major; Bryce Lewis, El Reno senior, vocal music major; Kenneith McIntosh, Del City senior, vocal music major; Isileli Ofiu, Anchorage, Alaska, senior, vocal music major; Justin Schanbacher, Cherokee senior, social science major; Amber Vaverka, Alva senior, natural science major; and Charles Wylie, Ponca City senior, English education major.