Northwestern instructor becomes author

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Northwestern instructor becomes author

January 20, 2011

Melanie Wilderman
Melanie Wilderman’s novel “The Ghost Glimpser” is now available to the public at or for the Kindle edition for $2.99.


The Ghost Glimpser
The cover of “The Ghost Glimpser” was designed by Melanie Wilderman and her niece posed as the cover model.

“The Ghost Glimpser,” a juvenile fiction novel from Melanie Wilderman, instructor of mass communication at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, was released Monday at and for the Kindle, an electronic reading device.

Her book follows the life of Cadence Pride, 13, who is shocked to learn she has a very special talent – she’s a Glimpser or someone who has the ability to see and talk to ghosts.

The target audience for this novel is ages 10-14. However, Wilderman said older teens and adults can enjoy the story as well.

“I’m really passionate about writing for this age group, since it’s about the time I fell in love with reading,” Wilderman said.

She sees this book as the first in a series, and already had started on the second novel with plans to finish sometime this summer.

Wilderman has worked with a few publishers and will perform a test run to assess the Kindle sales. After evaluating the Kindle sales, she may have the opportunity to sign a book deal for a traditional printing contract.

“The Ghost Glimpser” can be found on the Kindle or at for $2.99 by searching the site for Wilderman’s name or the book title. Also, free Kindle apps for various electronic devices can be found at

“The Kindle and provide a great publishing platform for new authors who are trying to break into the publishing world,” Wilderman said.

Contact Wilderman for more information about her novel, or to provide feedback at