Northwestern history professor has article published

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Northwestern history professor has article published

Dr. Roger Hardaway, professor of history at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, is the author of an article in a recent issue of “The Journal of the West.”

Hardaway, who has been researching and writing about the African-American presence in the American West for more than 25 years, wrote "African-American Explorers on the Western Frontier" for the fall 2012 issue of the journal.  Because of the journal’s publication schedule; however, the article did not appear in print until February 2014.

Hardaway's article profiles nine adventurers who explored various parts of the American West from the early 1500s through 1850. These adventurers include a slave of a Spanish conquistador, fur trade company employees, Army scouts and others.

"Many historians have neglected African-American contributions to the settlement and development of the American West," Hardaway explained.  "A few of us are working to correct this oversight and make the historical record as accurate and complete as it can be.  I applaud ‘The Journal of the West’ for helping in that endeavor by being receptive to articles such as mine."

Hardaway has been a Northwestern faculty member since 1990 and has published three books and numerous articles on western American history topics. He was the history department chair from 1998 to 2002, and he received the John Sheffield Teacher of the Year Award in 1993.