Northwestern business faculty present at several conferences in midwest

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Northwestern business faculty present at several conferences in midwest

April 13, 2010

Faculty members in the Department of Business, E-Commerce and Accounting at Northwestern Oklahoma State University have been busy traveling and presenting on a variety of topics.

Dr. Steven Palmer, associate professor of business and chair; Dr. Ralph Bourret, assistant professor of business; and Dr. Jim Breyley, associate professor of business, recently attended the Midwest Business Administration (MBAA) International Conference in Chicago. Palmer presented “Home Court Advantage: Which Collegiate National Athletic Governing Body Is Most Advantageous? (Co-author Dr. Jordan Kobritz, Eastern New Mexico University).” He also presented “In Good Company in the Classroom,” during the conference.

Bourret spoke about the topic “Is the Failure to Find Earnings Management by CEOs of Successful Firms Who Are Taking an Unanticipated Departure the Results of their Having Exhausted their Accounting Choices? The Empty Quiver Theory.”
Breyley talked about the loan giants, “Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac…And the Beat Goes On.”

Gary Tucker, instructor of business, attended the Southwestern Business Symposium in Edmond at the University of Central Oklahoma. The title of his presentation was “Chaebol and Keiretsu, A Look at Today and What Tomorrow May Bring.”

Also attending the conference with Tucker was Bhanu Reddy, instructor of business and e-commerce. Reddy’s presentation focused on the “Impact of an Economic Downturn on Promotional Efforts by Marketing Organizations.”

Karen Sneary, instructor of business, recently made a presentation at the E-Learners Conference at UCO.

Dr. Jerry Gustafson, professor of e-commerce, was in Dallas making a presentation at the National Federation of Business Disciplines Conference.

Also, Palmer and his writing partner Jordan Kobritz presented three papers they co-wrote at the Sport and Recreation Law Association Conference in Albuquerque. The papers were titled, “Student-Athletes’ Right to Counsel: Oliver Case Establishes Precedent…Almost,” “Sports Leagues’ Drug-testing Programs: Enforceable Against Some Players and Not Others?” and “Sports Teams Beware: Contracts With Minors Are Voidable.”