Northwestern announces redesign of specific Master of Education program

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Northwestern announces redesign of specific Master of Education program

August 10, 2015

Northwestern Oklahoma State University’s Master of Education Curriculum and Instruction program has been redesigned.

This redesign will enable teachers who hold alternative certification to take courses that will lead to standard certification while also allowing them to earn a master’s degree in education.

“The program offers 18 hours of courses that will allow alternatively certified teachers to meet the Oklahoma State Department of Education’s (OSDE) professional education requirements,” Dr. Shawn Holliday, associate dean of graduate studies, said. “These students can also opt to finish the Curriculum and Instruction program by taking an additional 14 hours of coursework to receive the master’s degree.”

The newly-designed program is a win-win for alternatively certified teachers, school districts and students by providing classroom teachers with the necessary skills to become effective teachers.

“This program not only allows alternatively certified teachers to take the courses they need for standard certification, but, with a little more work, they can also earn a master’s degree, which means a substantial pay raise for them,” Holliday said. “Additionally, their knowledge of educational practices and pedagogy will be greatly strengthened.”

“This program of study has the potential to reach far beyond the university and those who complete it,” added Roxann Clark, instructor of education and she is program chair for the master’s degree curriculum and instruction, took the lead in the program’s redesign.

“Ultimately, students in the classroom will benefit from teachers who have deepened their pedagogical knowledge through the Curriculum and Instruction graduate program at Northwestern.”

Holliday did caution, however, that alternatively certified teachers who enroll in the program must work directly with OSDE to complete the certification process. Holliday noted that “taking the courses does not make one automatically eligible for standard certification. That can only be granted by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.”

For more information on Northwestern’s M.Ed. degree in Curriculum and Instruction, as well as the other graduate programs, those interested may call the Office of Graduate Studies at (580) 327-8589, (580) 327-8410 or can visit the graduate studies website at