Noble Monograms

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Kathy Payne, Noble Monograms -- Big City Business In A Rural Setting

To watch Kathy Payne, owner of Noble Monograms, Inc., at work is to watch an artist doing what an artist does best; making something even more beautiful.

Thumbing through the thousands of designs that Kathy has at her fingertips, you have to wonder how she can possibly make everything come together. The key lies in her computer programs and design software; a combination that took Kathy some time to perfect.

"I tried several different design packages before I hit upon one that worked for me. It was a matter of trial and error, which unfortunately was also expensive."

Expenses are a major issue for Noble Monograms, Inc., since it has, with the exception of its embroidery machine, has been self funded from its inception.

"I was lucky that my local banker was willing to take a risk with me for that piece of equipment," said Ms. Payne. "Funding this business myself has been difficult. If I had it to do all over again, I think I would be more cognizant of my spending habits on improvements and sample inventory. I think I could have done a better job in that area."