New press box to be named in honor of Dean Linder

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New press box to be named in honor of Dean Linder

Linder Press Box

This rendering shows a view of the north side of the Dean Linder Press Box when it is completed later this year.
For 28 years, Judge Dean Linder spent time in the Northwestern Oklahoma State University football press box serving as the radio “Voice of the Rangers,” providing fans with play-by-play commentary and a historical knowledge of Ranger sports that was without equal.

Linder put down the microphone in 1990, but his impact on Ranger athletics has remained and will now be permanently secured as the new press box at Ranger Field will bear his name.

Northwestern president Dr. Janet Cunningham’s request to name the new structure the Dean Linder Press Box was unanimously approved by the Board of Regents of the Regional University System of Oklahoma during its meeting in Alva, Sept. 19.

“There was only one name that seemed appropriate for our new press box, and everyone at Northwestern is thrilled that it will bear the name of Dean Linder,” Cunningham said. “Judge Linder has meant so much to the athletic history of Northwestern and is one of the most iconic figures in the history of Alva.”

Linder began broadcasting football and basketball games in 1962 on radio station KALV, bringing home the action to fans with his combination of sports knowledge, a little humor and his signature sign off line, “I hope you will continue to be… real good sports.”

In 1998, Linder was inducted into Northwestern’s Sports Hall of Fame.

Linder will end his judicial career in 2015, retiring as a District Judge in the Fourth Judicial District of Oklahoma, a post he has held since 1983. He also has presided as judge of the Northwest Judicial Administrative District of Oklahoma.

A Waynoka native, Linder was valedictorian of his high school senior class in 1953. He earned his law degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1960 and was admitted to the Oklahoma Bar Association the same year.

During his time on the bench, Linder has been named Trial Judge of the Year four times including 1997, 2000, 2002 and 2012.

The formal dedication of the Dean Linder Press Box is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015, during Sports Hall of Fame weekend.