October artist in residence hails from India

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October artist in residence hails from India

 Artist Prabhu
Radhika Prabhu performs her classic Bharatanatyam dance for Ken Kelsey’s art and life class, she has performed many times around campus since.  Prabhu will be performing again Sunday at 1 P.M. at the First Presbyterian Church.
Radhika Prabhu, originally from Bangalore, India, completed a Masters of Fine Arts degree at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London before finding her way to Alva to serve as the October Artist in Residence at Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

Prabhu is trained in the classical Indian dance, Bharatanatyam, which she has been practicing for almost 13 years.  When she is not dancing, Prabhu paints as well.

“When I first started learning to dance I thought that was going to be my profession,” Prabhu said.  “I studied Fine Arts because I thought it would give me more time to dance.  When I got deeper into the subject I saw how much potential visual art had for me, and I wanted to do both.”

Prabhu said painting helps her to calm down and relax, but she loves dancing as well.  After years of practicing both painting and dancing, she has found an equal balance of time to put in to each art form, and feels confident that she can do them both justice.

Through her worldly travels, Prabhu has learned to speak English, Hindi, Kannada, a little Tamil, and recently she has been trying French as well.  Prabhu said the traveling she has gotten to do has been her favorite part of being an artist, and coming to Alva is no exception.

“I love the feel of the small town,” she said. “It is very cozy and intimate here.  I could get used to all the space; it’s nice to get a taste of all the different flavors of the U.S.”

After meeting Jave Yoshimoto, assistant professor of arts at Northwestern, at a previous residency in New York, the two stayed in touch until she finished her schooling in London and returned to the United States. 

Prabhu will be performing a Bharathanatyam recital at the First Presbyterian Church Nov. 2 at 1 p.m.  Her paintings will be featured Nov. 7 at the Graceful Arts Center for the annual First Friday Art Walk.

For more information about Northwestern’s Artist in Residence program, as well as the Studio Art program, contact Yoshimoto at (580) 327-8108 or jgyoshimoto@nwosu.edu.