Natural Sciences Education

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Prerequisites and Requirements

Four NWOSU NSEd majors and two NWOSU faculty attended an evolution workshop at OU's biological research station in the Fall of 2006.

Opportunities for Involvement


As one of its degree offerings, Northwestern Oklahoma State University has an established Natural Science B.S.Ed. degree.  Students completing this degree program will be certified to teach secondary education science classes in Oklahoma public schools upon graduation.  Specific subject areas of Oklahoma certification are up to individual students to decide (biology, chemistry, physics, physical science, or Earth & space science).  This degree is also appropriate for those seeking certification in middle school science.



News: NWOSU's Department of Natural Science has joined the Physics Teacher Education Coalition!




Prerequisites and Requirements

In addition to the science coursework below, Natural Science Education majors must also complete the Professional Education Sequence for either Elementary-Secondary Candidates (K-12) or Secondary Candidates (6-12).  To satisfy requirements in education and science, students work closely with their advisor to plan and coordinate their class schedules.



BIOL 1125 General Botany None
BIOL 1225 General Zoology None
CHEM 1115 General Chemistry I MATH 1513*  (may be taken concurrently)
CHEM 1215 General Chemistry II MATH 1513*, CHEM 1115
BIOL 3184 Human Anatomy CHEM 1105 or CHEM 1115
BIOL 3194 Human Physiology BIOL 3184, MATH 1513, CHEM 1105 or 1115, CHEM 1215
PHYS 1114 General Physics I MATH 1513*, MATH 1613 is strongly recommended
PHYS 1214 General Physics II MATH 1513*, MATH 1613 is strongly recommended, PHYS 1114
BIOL 4162 Teacher's Course None, however this is usually taken after at least 20 hours of science have been completed.
PHSC 3114 Earth & Space Science None
3000 - 4000 3 hours of electives Consider Science Fair Judging (BIOL, CHEM, PHYS 3011) or upper level coursework in a particular field of your interest.

*Students with ACT scores less than 19 must take content area placement exams for enrollment purposes at NWOSU.  Based on the results of the mathematics placement exam, students may be required to take Pre-Intermediate Algebra (MATH 0013) or Intermediate Algebra (MATH 0123) prior to enrolling in College Algebra (MATH 1513). 

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Opportunities for Involvement

NWOSU offers its student an environment that is rich with opportunities for academic and personal growth.  Without question, this extends to NWOSU's science and Natural Science Education students.

Each fall, high school and middle school teams compete in the Heartland BEST robotics competition.  This annual event requires significant planning in the fall and spring; raising public awareness, participating in event dates, and and interacting with middle and high school students throughout the season are only a few of the ways Natural Science Education students can get involved.  Each spring, NWOSU offers Science Fair Judging as a service learning course in the sciences.  In this course NWOSU students judge local science and engineering fair projects.  Numerous other activities are planned and sponsored by student campus organizations.  A few organizations Natural Science Education students might be interested include SPS (Society of Physics Students), Biology Club, Chem Club, Math Club, and the Computer Science Club.

The science faculty encourage all students to explore ways to get involved in campus and community activities to broaden their experience.  And, as one can see, finding ways to get involved in science and education related activities that goes beyond the usual class work is as easy as it is rewarding!

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For answers to any questions you might have regarding this program at NWOSU, please do not hesitate to contact either of the individuals below:

Dr. Steven J. Maier (Department Chair)
(580) 327 - 8562