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The Department of Natural Science at Northwestern Oklahoma State University offers coursework in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics with NCA accredited major and minor degree programs available Biology and Chemistry.  In addition, the department works closely with the Department of Education to provide an NCATE accredited Natural Science Education program of study leading to state certification for pre-service secondary science teachers. 

Pre-requisites for professional programs and graduate study at other institutions can be completed at NWOSU to prepare for the fields of allied health, medicine, engineering, pharmacy, dentistry and optometry.  As a result of qualified faculty and small class sizes, science majors graduating from NWOSU have found success in further studies at major research institutions and professional programs. 

Students are invited to consider the Department of Natural Science at NWOSU as the means of fulfilling their professional goals.  All of the full-time science faculty hold PhD's and are very committed to offering the best for their students through quality teaching and professional experience.

For more information about departmental offerings, please contact the department chair, Dr. Steven Maier at (580) 327 - 8562 or by email at

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The Department of Natural Science provides content rich curricula emphasizing depth of knowledge, critical thinking and application while fostering a strong sense of professionalism, service and responsibility to the scientific, public and education communities.