National magazine again says Northwestern offers nation's most affordable campus living

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National magazine again says Northwestern offers nation's most affordable campus living

October 26, 2011 

A national magazine says that students looking to bring down the cost of college attendance should look for schools that offer affordable campus living options, and singles out Northwestern Oklahoma State University as offering the nation’s most affordable room and board rates.

In a story on its website, U.S. News and World Report says Northwestern’s cost of $3,700 annually for room and board is the lowest in the country among public institutions. The story says Northwestern’s annual rates are more than $5,300 less than the national average of $9,047 per year.

The figure of $3,700 is based on a semi-private room with 15 meals per week.

“At Northwestern, we are committed to making attendance as affordable as possible, and holding the line on room and board costs is an important element of that commitment,” said Dr. Janet Cunningham, president. “In addition to being affordable, our students consistently give our housing and dining services good marks in satisfaction surveys.

“Over the past two years, we have been near capacity in campus housing. Students usually vote with their feet, so they are recognizing the combination of affordability, convenience and comfort offered by student housing.”
Cunningham said recent improvements to residence halls, including upgrades to flooring, lighting, bathrooms, windows and HVAC systems also have had an impact.

In the fall of 2006, only 363 students resided in campus housing. This fall, 653 students reside on campus, an increase of nearly 80 percent.

Northwestern operates four climate-controlled resident halls with amenities such as free high-speed Internet service and cable television. Students can dine in the newly-remodeled Coronado Cafeteria or in the Student Center Food Court.

Affordable room and board help make Northwestern a great college value. One year of resident tuition (30 credit hours), fees, room and board total $8,290 per year. Scholarships, campus employment and other forms of federal and state financial aid can bring down the cost significantly.